Utropicmedia Colocation Service Level Agreement

1. Service Level Validity

Service levels only apply to accounts that are current with billing. If/when an account becomes past-due, service levels, including "100% uptime SLA" are no longer valid and only reinstated when the account is brought current.

1.1 Scope

This agreement applies to customer-owned equipment that is hosted("colocation") with Utropicmedia Network Solutions("Utropicmedia").

2. Technical Support.

Hosting Support:

Hosting Phone Support:

Monday through Sunday, 9am – 9pm EST. Emergency Technical Support is available 24/7.

Utropicmedia standard response time is one hour or less. The response time, however, may depend on the nature and complexity of the inquiry, or unexpected call volume. One-hour support reply does not apply to any “how to”, connectivity or software development related inquiries since such issues often involve extensive research and testing.

Technical Support assigns the highest priority to inquiries related to the services' unavailability. Such inquiries are addressed immediately upon notification. It may take some time to resolve the issue, so you may not get an immediate reply. Standard Resolution time is 24-48 hours or longer, depending on the complexity of the issue.

3. Customer Service, Billing and Sales Inquiries.

Non-technical inquiries regarding your Utropicmedia hosting account should be sent to info@utropicmedia.net

Billing inquiries should be sent to billing@utropicmedia.net

Please note: Utropicmedia must receive notice of billing disputes within thirty days of the date your account was charged for services.

All inquiries regarding purchase of new accounts or addition of services should be addressed to sales@utropicmedia.net

4. Issue Escalation.

If you are concerned with Utropicmedia Network Solutions hosting services or if you are unable to resolve a technical support issue within the parameters outlined in this Service Level Agreement, contact the President of Utropicmedia Network Solutions at ceo@utropicmedia.net regarding your concerns. Your concerns will be reviewed, investigated, and responded to within one business day. As issues may be complex or require extensive investigation, this one business day response time does not imply that a resolution is guaranteed within one business day.

5. Account Provisioning and Server Management.

Account provisioning and server management tasks such as new account creation, password changes, and email address changes can be completed via the online control center at http://utropicmedia.net. Complex tasks that cannot be completed via the control center should be sent to Utropicmedia Network Solutions support team at support@utropicmedia.net.

6. Service Availability.

Utropicmedia Network Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality service to all customers. To support this commitment, Utropicmedia gives the following service level guaranties and observes the following schedule of penalties for any failure to meet those guarantees.

Utropicmedia guarantees 100% Service Availability, measured on a calendar-month basis. Service Availability is defined as the ability of Utropicmedia to provide the following to client equipment:

6.1 Hosting Infrastructure Unavailability

Utropicmedia monitors the infrastructure as a whole but does not monitor individual servers unless additional monitoring services have been purchased.  Global Internet unavailability caused by denial of service attacks, mail bombing, and other Denial of Service techniques is not included in uptime/downtime calculations.

6.2 Scheduled Maintenance

To guarantee optimal performance of the hosting infrastructure, it is necessary for Utropicmedia to perform routine maintenance on the infrastructure. Such maintenance often requires taking Utropicmedia equipment off-line, typically performed during off-peak hours.

Utropicmedia will provide advance notice of maintenance requiring services to be taken off-line. Utropicmedia reserves one(1) hour of Service unavailability per month - 3rd Saturday of each month  at 23:00 GMT-5:00 -  for maintenance purposes. Such unavailability is not included in the Service Availability calculation and is not always used.

6.3 Refund for Non-compliance – Power and Network Infrastructure availability

In the event that service is disrupted due to Utropicmedia Network Solutions asset failure, account credit will be issued as follows:

To receive the credit you must send a request with your account username, including all dates and times of server unavailability, to accounting@utropcimedia.net, in the month immediately following the month for which the credit is requested.

Utropicmedia will then compare the information provided by you to the server availability monitoring data Utropicmedia maintains and notify you of the issuance of any refund. A refund is issued if the unavailability warranting the refund is confirmed by Utropicmedia server monitoring data.

6.4 Maximum Total Refund

The total refund to you for any account may not exceed 50% of the monthly fees paid for that account during the month for which the credit is to be issued.

7. Amendments.

This Agreement may be amended from time to time upon thirty calendar days prior written notice to you.


Last Updated: 7/23/2008